To save you some time, we gathered a bunch of questions you guys normally ask into a nice little package below. If by chance you have a burning question that hasn’t been answered, be sure to head over to our contact us page and submit your curiosity.


Where are Bounce products made?

Our full range is made in Australia and where possible we source local ingredients.

Tell me about the product integrity of Bounce?

We create100% clean nutrition. We do not use anything that is fake, artificial or nasty. We do not use low quality ingredients. We do not compromise on the integrity and quality of our products (we have even launched products later than we hoped so that we got the product perfect). We taste every sample at every stage of the product creation process. We call out every ingredient on the back of our pack – whether they are a main or proprietary ingredient or an allergen (we value honesty).

Are Bounce balls healthy compared to other brands?

Absolutely! Our products are clean, nutrient-dense and easily absorbed (and removed) from the body. When you want to compare balls or bars with Bounce, compare the ‘per 100g’ column. The reason for this is to get an accurate comparison with products that vary in serving size. So, for instance, to compare our 49g ball with a 40g product, you need to look at the ‘per 100g’ column to get the fair, accurate, apples-for-apples comparison. You will find that Bounce products are higher in protein and are lower in sugars, carbs and fats than many products next to us on the shelves.

What do Bounce mean by balanced nutrition?

The energy contained in Bounce balls is made up of a balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein in accordance with dietary guidelines. Bounce balls are a great snack choice for individuals looking to achieve a healthy balanced diet due to their composition of healthy fats from nuts and seeds, low to medium GI carbohydrates from brown rice and quality protein from whey/pea and brown rice. Bounce products are also a good source of fibre.

What allergens do Bounce products contain?

The allergens in some of our products are: peanut, tree nut, dairy, sesame and soy. All allergens are declared on the packaging of the products.

Will I lose weight eating Bounce products?

Our products are not enhanced with weight loss stimulants – just natural, nutrient-dense ingredients. If you need to chat about weight management, seek the expertise of your health care provider.

I can see the word ‘sugars’ in your nutrition table. What are these?

We do not use artificial sugars in our products. This line refers to natural sources such as grape juice, pear juice and brown rice starch. We keep these naturally occurring sugars to a minimum but it is naturally present in some of the ingredients.

Can I eat Bounce products when I’m pregnant?

We always recommend you talk to your health care professional as health is so personal. Ask your doc to open our website and check out the ingredients at your next appointment. But, there’s no reason dad can’t pack a few in the hospital bag for him to snack on!

Do Bounce products contain palm oil?

Absolutely not, all our products are palm oil free.

Do Bounce products contain GMOs?

GMOs are a big “no-no” in the Bounce house, so you won’t find any of them in our products.

Are Bounce products suitable for children?

As long as they are not allergic to one of our ingredients, they can enjoy Bounce as part of a healthy balanced diet. We also have a created a specific Kids line with flavours that appeal to little taste buds.

What are your shipping times?

Click here for our standard delivery times. Slight delays occur during the last week of June and during Christmas.